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A derogatory term meaning someone suffering from mental retardation of any degree.
I'm not inviting that mit-mot to come fishing, he'll scare away the fish by singing "The Wheels on The Bus"
by squashednigger August 29, 2011
A mitmot is also known as a windowlicker or chinbiter. Basically a person incapable of caring for themselves whilst being oblivious to such things as deranged flatulence, trouser accidents, drooling.

Other terms could be "spaz" "spaccer" "spacker" "joey" "retard" or "mong"
Nip down to a 'special hospital', community centre, or Bury in Lancashire to see many wonderful examples of mitmots.
by FreakPal December 09, 2006
a mitmot is generally a tramp, somebody dirty, scruffy, smelly but can be used as a everyday insulting word
'eww look at that mitmot'
by pornotash January 08, 2008
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