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A pronunciation of Missouri favored by uneducated hillfolk from southern Missouri's Ozark region, by asshole Confederate sympathizers, and by ignorant non-Missourians who insist that Missouri is a Southern state as opposed to a Midwestern one.
Chris Matthews of MSNBC: So, Claire, do you really think you have a chance against Jim Talent there in the Republican stronghold of Missoura?

Claire McCaskill of the U.S. Senate: Well, Chris, the Democratic party has quite a tradition in my home state of MISSOURI-- in fact it's known here as the Party of Truman, who is a revered figure in MISSOURI politics.

Chris Matthews: That's true, Missoura is the Bellwether State, huh? Uh-heh-heh-heh.
by satyr9us December 10, 2007
MissourA is a state in the US, wich is famous for its large population of "hook-people". The term "hook-people" describes a group of individuals, who have a hook instead of an arm. (you pirates)

-Hey Johnnie! Where are you going with that hook?
-Oh, I'm just going to Missoura.

(However, in very rare cases, "Missoura" could simply be a dialect-form for the name "Missouri".)
by Missoura-chick! August 21, 2009
what us californian's (and....pretty much the rest of the US) call the state of missouri. "missoula" is the same thing as "missoura."
ME: hey joe i moved outta cali
JOE: where to?
ME: missoura.
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK February 17, 2005

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