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(1)Born Terry Brisco(Mississippi Sipp) A Great big musical Genius who is of African-American young 24 year old born and raised in the harsh streets of Leland,Mississippi who reps the Dirty South and his home state of Mississippi with a heart-felt intensity.

(2) Southern,Down South Music philanthropist and humanitarian who is much-loved by women of all races and all walks of life.

(3) Prominent musical Black Mississippian with a dirty mouth and great heart

(4) Very First Rap Artist To Patent,Copyright and Trademark the names "Sipp" "Mississippi Sipp" "Da Sipp" "Mississippi Delta" etc......due to everyone jumping on the bandwagon to steal his brand name which originated from "SIPP" Which is short for Mississippi

"I Got Them Wheels Spinning Low'"

"Dyne South"


"Kandy Paint Records"

True Playas, Pimps, Hustlas and Fans of Down South Hardcore Reality Rap know rapper Artist/Ceo SIPP Of Kandy Paint Records talent and street fame like they know their own. As a Yung 24yr old Player from the South and CEO of Kandy Paint Records "SIPP" blazed the scene for local popular Southern rap acts such as Lower 9,BDP(BLACK DOGG POSSE),754 Boyz,Needle in a Haystack and countless of others to follow. As a Ceo,Artist,Song Writer,Producer,Graphix Designer and a Trill Hustler the LELAND MISSISSIPPI native is on the come up and is literally helping mold the sound of Southern rap music, certain influences like Dj Screw, Master P,Juvenile,Baby,Lil-Keke,UGK,Mr.Pookie,SUC,LIL FLIP,CED T,3-6 Mafia,Playa Fly,and many other Texas Rappers Help Gave "SIPP" DA NEW DOWN SOUTH SOUND. Born Terry "Terell" Brisco twenty-four years ago in the small town of Leland Mississippi.
Mississippi SippMississippi SippLeland Mississippi Mississippi Rap ArtistMississippi DeltaKandy Paint RecordsInternet Phenomenon}
by GOLDCHAIN September 24, 2009
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