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When Two Fat People Try To Have Sex
"Yo man I just got this sweet dvd with these two sweaty fat fucks trying to fuck and it's called Missionary Impossible"
by Masta Dragon Red July 23, 2004
When having sex with a girl in the missionary position on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, hook your hands and feet into the cross bars of the mattress above you so that the only part of you touching her is your cock in her vagina.
Yeah man, she was sleeping so I had to pull a missionary impossible to keep her from waking up.
by P.M. Wang January 14, 2009
Start having vaginal intercourse missionary style. Then while doing her missionary flip her around into doggie syle with out! disconnection! This is called Missionary Impossible!
I was doin this girl missionary and i tried missionary impossible but, it really is impossible.
by Avo NAzarian September 19, 2006

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