a man who is winning an argument against a woman.
Woman "I don't need a man to support me"
Man "Then why are you living off child support payments and refuse to get a job?"
Woman "You're a misogynist, u hate women!!"
by paulaus November 07, 2014
Misogynist /məˈsäjənəst/
noun - (when called by a woman) - Anyone no longer naive enough to be exploited by women.

(Alternatively, when called by another man) - Anyone in competition for the same women.
"I wore the skimpiest thing I own, and he still didn't beg me to let him buy me dinner. What a misogynist!"

"Don't date that other guy, he's a misogynist. Not like me, I'm a totally pussywhipped, manipulative douchebag who tells women what they want to hear all the time, so I can bang as many of them at once as possible."
by doktorj October 13, 2014
Ninety percent of Urbandictionary.com male users.
Why is most of the sexual slang on UD defined as something offensive towards women? Or degrading of a woman's body? Why not more definitions offensive towards men, so it can be even? Why not any?

To all the ignorant, horny, disgusting men on UD, being a misogynist does not make you cool or macho. It ain't any of our fault that your mom abandoned you, you caught your mom committing adultery or you never have luck with women.
by twistedbabydoll August 19, 2007
A man, preferably white, who does something which somehow offends feminists.
"Hey, that scientist is wearing a shirt with women in bikinis on it! He's a misogynist!"
"What about Kim Kardashian showing her arse to everyone?"
"Na, she's a woman. Only men are misogynists."
by Mythiran November 22, 2014
A person who ultimately has a hatred, extreme dislike, completely abuses and mistrusts women.

Misogynists may see girls and women as evil, debased or even subhuman and mere objects, which is wrong. Although associated mainly with males it is possible for females to be misogynists as well.
This guy at my school is a misogynist, a lot of girls that aren't friends with him and they hate him as he hates them their rather enemies and he has a complete hate for them as he describes them as demons.
by Superweapon221 August 01, 2013
A commonly used word by feminazis
Man-"Look, I respect your opinion but thats sexism towards men"
Feminazi-"Stop raping me you misogynist"
by DaIllegalBeagal May 21, 2015
The Happy Humanist Writes "Well, given the fact that Barbie makes 75 Cents for every Dollar that Ken makes, Ken IS in fact a misogynist if he expects Barbie to pay for her dinner when he asked her out.

Also Ken expects Barbie to have a manicure, pedicure and a bikini wax twice a week. He expects her to be young and beautiful, so Barbie spends a shitload of money and time on anti-aging products, clothes and shoes.

Conclusion: Barbie's life is more expensive because she has to buy shit to please Ken and life up to his expectations. Plus she makes less money.".

Well, given the fact that Barbie doesn't work the sewers, garbage collection or anything requiring manual labour, Barbie will simply have to deal with getting 75 cents for every dollar Ken makes. Barbie would, in fact, be a feminist if she believes that Ken should pay for the date since she has a manicure, pedicure and a bikini wax twice a week out of her own volition because that fits in with her professional victimhood as instated by her feminist views.

Conclusion: Barbie is too stupid to realise she's doing it to herself.

Therefore, The Happy Humanist, you're not only an advocate for treating women like children (misogyny), but also of inferior intellect that drives this ridiculous and ill-founded victimhood.
If Ken asks Barbie out for a date, he realises that it's a two-way street where both demonstrate likeable qualities about one another. Contrary to popular belief, Barbie's worth isn't and shouldn't be assumed. Since Barbie used her brains to make a decision, she must be prepared to pay for herself because Ken isn't an ATM machine. misogynist

Peace Out.
by The Real Humanist May 04, 2015

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