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1. (n.) Male genitalia
(Syn.) weiner, junk, wang, cock, etc.
2. (v.) To ejaculate in another's ear cavity.

To dirty.
(Syn.) earfuck
3. (adj.) Of a soiled nature.
(Syn.) gunky, grimy
Noun: Jewish Mother- Did you eat all your Matzo balls?!

Son- Oh you're crazy mom, you know I fuckin' hate Matzo balls

Jewish Father- Ey!! You don't talk to your mother like that. You do it again, and I'll rip off your mishmükken!!

Verb: Guy #1- Hey, you remember Angie?

Guy #2- Yeah, she seemed pretty cool.

Guy #1- Oh, yeah, she was nice. I mishmükkened the fuck out of her last night.

Adjective: Guy #1- Oh no, you've muddied the waters.

Guy #2- Chill out bro, they were mishmükken before we ever got here.
by VTCCcocksucker71 July 25, 2010
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