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A big nerd who would rather spend all day in the library then in the mall. please note that apparently not all Mishaylas are good but not all of them are "small tittied whores." Some are big titted nerds who don't even hang with guys, let alone sleep with someones boyfriend.
"That girl is such a Mishayla. She's fucking awesome."
#awesome #nerd #goofball #freak #weirdo
by shaylalayne February 14, 2015
Mishayla is the type of girl that spills all your secrets , gossips , lies , and is a fuking whore. She will steel your man in a heartbeat she will fuck him and move on to the next one. She has small titys , piercings , and is usually a dirty blonde or brunette. She will fuck a homeless dude for a buck because she's a prostitute like that
Holy shit look at that whore over there.
Oh that's just a mishayla.
#whore #slut #prostitute #escort #bitch #fuckface #retard #masturbater #sex toy
by Lance1231 September 05, 2011
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