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Misfile - An online comic by Chris Hazelton. It is updated every weekday.

The plot is about a pot head angel (Rumisiel) who accidently changes a boy into a girl (Ash), and another girl gets 2 years erased from her life (Emily). Ash and Em become friends and help each other out. Ash drives a XR4TI which he/she uses to street race. Emily is a girl whos mother always made her study. She got accepted into Harvard, until Rumisiel erased 2 years of her life!

Main Characters:
Ash Upton - 17 year old boy who gets turned into a girl.
Emily McArthur - 18 year old girl who gets 2 years erased from her life, now making her 16.

Other Characters:
Edward Upton - Ash's father and Emily's gynecologist.
Rumisiel - Angel who screwed Ash and Emily's lives up by misfiling their files, which are used to store data in Heaven.
Vashiel - Rumisiel's brother who can't lie, has a crush on Ash, and is always trying to be above and beyond.
Harry - Ash's friend from the local car shop. He hooks Ash up with good deals and help with his/her ride.
"The problem?! The problem is these tits weren't here yesterday!" - Ash

"Aw shit! I went and aged a little girl into dead center puberty overnight? No wonder you're pissed off." - Rumisiel

"Age is not the problem! I wasn't supposed to have these things ten or twenty YEARS from now. You turned me into a GIRL you feathered FREAK"

Wow, what a misfile.
by Jess_L August 16, 2007
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