misewell means "might as well" and is used by girls who receive a 1210 or lower on their SATs.
tor: I am driving by your house.

katrin: Well you misewell come in and watch Monkeybone.
by katrinity May 20, 2004
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The slur of "might as well"

It's just they way it's said, mise well doesn't mean anything.

It's said more like "Mize well"
Randy: You goin to the party at Phil's house?
Ron: Well, I mise well, I've got nothing else to do.
by Thadanator April 06, 2005
Comes from the aussie slang for "May as well". Use when lazy and/or aussie and/or drunk.
Midge: Yo, Anf, wanna go scout some poon down at local convenience store?

Anf: ......misewell.
by Midge May 13, 2004

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