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A Russian name for Mike or Michael. Pronounced Meesha. Defined on "Babynames" as "who is like God". A fantastic name for your children.
Hey, Mischa, that's a cool name!
by hooplaha September 10, 2007
Australian Christian/Gospel DJ, Formally Known as M.Street Mashup (aka Mischa Luke Street)
Google > Search "M.Street Mashup" > Click on Link > FREE MP3 Downloads
M.Street Mashup (aka Mischa Street) is a gospel DJ, located in Australia
by MTV. April 10, 2013
One of the nicest people you will ever meet, if you don't you've most certainly missed out. Mischa is caring and sweet but in denial about how cute she is. With bright blue eyes, freckles, a heart warming smile and a little button nose she is a perfect combination of hot and cute. The first time I met her I never realised I would fall in love with her, but I have and I'm so happy. Will have the middle name 'blaze'. Doesn't always let people in on how she's feeling but it's nice to know she's found somebody to share with. But the most important thing is the ability to make someone feel so loved.
Lloyd: Mischa-Tom, Tom-Mischa.
Mischa: Hi........
Me: Orite.
.................Me: Oreet Midget.
by Anonymous busker guy.... January 16, 2013
Cajun French slang for my darling, my dear one, my sweetheart. Some dialects use the spelling Mescha.
Mischa, time to go to Fais do-do. Hey bring some crawfish so mischa can make some Jambalaya.
by Romantic bayou girl February 21, 2014
An alternate word for alcohol. Based on the fact that Mischa Barton (Marissa) on The O.C. is a borderline alchi. (Synonym: Kirsten)
Yo, did you get the mischa? I'm in the mood to get drunk.
by fancy May 13, 2005
mischa means dirty russian hooker in ukranian. also, cheap russian hooker.
"mischa f*ucked up my phone & my computer because he's a dirty russian hooker"
by CYNTHIA999 May 10, 2007
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