A specific pair of "Avatior" styled sunglasses one wears when is:

1. doing the wrong thing,

2. breaking societies norms,

3. being a hoolligan,
4. participating in chronic loitering,
5. and in general exemplifying bad behavior.

often Misbehaviators are the soul source of such behaviors
Trevor: Dude what are you doing tonight?
Derek: Umm idk bruh we should do something though!

Trevor: lets go TP some houses, loiter a little bit, and skate walmart's parking lot!
Derek: sweet bro, can we fit in some urban exploration too?
Trevor: For sure! grab your Misbehaviators we gotta look good for the cameras

Trevor: Hey arn't these your misbehaviators?
Derek: yeah they are! *puts them on*

Trevor: oh gawd...

Derek: Hey Renta-Cop! want a doughnut? oink oink!

*and the epic chase starts*
by Tzket October 13, 2010

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