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A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She's fun, smart, sexy, independent. All that you would want in a woman, you just don't know it yet.
I love Mirtha.
by careva93 May 14, 2011
A beautiful outgoing hispanic girl with an amusing personality and a big heart. She is a loyal friend and is very aggrexive when it comes to protecting those she loves espcially her best friends EX boyfriends. She is loud, crazy and if you double dare her she wont back down from anything.

Mirtha \m(i)-

rtha, mir-tha\ as a girl's name is a variant of Martha (Aramaic) and Mirta (Spanish, Greek), and the meaning of Mirtha is "lady; mistress of the house; crown of thorns".
Martha or Mirtha
by Yumalay May 01, 2011
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