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Filtering infromation for the public eye, designed for profiting or profit shareing, overbearing advertising
The government uses mirrorism to control our lives.
by DePH September 05, 2003
Literary and Arts movement, Edinburgh 2015. In response to contemporary mainstream media and the perpetuation of false image, Mirrorism counter-acts the escalating superficiality and subsequent failure in art and media to accurately represent humanity. It seeks to empower and enable the addressee to counter passive acceptance. Mirrorism is not genre specific, but an ethos towards representing human diversity and complexity in all art forms.
Through Mirrorism we offer an honest reflection of humanity.
by Mirrorism March 04, 2015
Filtering infromation for the public eye designed for profiting. American government policy designed by George Bush.
Mirrorism filtering information for the public eye, designed for profiting, your neighbor what a guy.

by protagonistofatragedy666 April 21, 2010
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