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An intense and physical game that involves four basic talents of:

The Essentials:
-Objective- To throw the football into one of the three goals.

-People- 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, 2 vs. 2, etc.

-Equipment- GOAL 1:One crate or crate-esque box (opening facing offense placed 7 feet away from the peak of 'The Arc'). GOAL 2:One trash can (opening facing offense placed slanted and leaning on the crate or crate-esque box). GOAL 3:One litter box or cooler or litterbox-esque or cooler-esque box (placed opening up anywhere at least ten feet behind the trash can). One stick to create 'The Arc'. One football.

-Rules- *Cannot penetrate 'The Arc'. If 'The Arc' is penetrated, then the other player(s) get ONE free shot from the peak of 'The Arc'.
*Offense can only throw underhand
*Contact is allowed (eg. pushing, shoving, etc., or full out killing if wanted)
*Fumbles are referred as a 'fumblerooski' and if recovered, the recoverer gets one turn
*One turn consists of minimum of 1 goal attempt and maximum of 3 goal scorings.
*No cheap over the head lobs. Through the legs is encouraged.
*Natural Boundaries determine out of play
*Play until bored, tired, or 7

-Scoring- GOAL 1(crate/crate-esque box)= 1pt.
GOAL 2(Leaning trash can)= 2 pts.
GOAL 3(litter box or cooler or litterbox-esque or cooler-esque box)= 3 pts. if ball lands inside then bounces out. 4pts./Wins the game if ball lands and stays in the box

**Make jerseys, have fun**
There is no wax-on wax-off about Mirror Ball. You learn by doing.
by PeteandAustin August 16, 2006
The golden rule. To do onto other as they have done onto you, multiplied. If someone is being a douchebag to you, you become an even bigger douchebag right back to them. Same with kindness.
She's been a real bitch to me. So I mirrorballed her and she totally didn't like it haha
by TheRagingDemon February 23, 2011
when you are so fat or your balls are so small you have to look in the miror to see them
Dylan:Jesus man you weigh like 300 pounds you must have mirror balls!
Fatty:Wtf are mirror balls??
Dylan:go look on urbandictionary jackass!
Fatty:screw you bitch!
by Dylowned June 01, 2005
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