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Noun: A fictional mutated horseshoe crab from the game Fallout 3. They are well armored throughout their body except for their face. Their spawning pod is located in the Anchorage War Memorial along the Potomac river in Capitol Wasteland.
Three Dog: Handling mirelurks are risky buisness!
by Mirelurk Mama July 22, 2009
n. a particular brand of douchebag who frequents honky tonks looking for women and/or a fight. They are always jacked up on steroids and found in small southern towns. Can be found wearing Hollister or Affliction and the slightest comment may result in a beatdown.
Person 1: Wanna go to the "Hookin Bull"?
Person 2: No way! That place is CRAWLING with mirelurks!
by YAH71201 April 05, 2010
A bunch of shitty bug things that die when you flamer them in the face.
I just bitched some mirelurks with my flamethrower
by mrslebarge January 27, 2009