The ability to like a boy for one week and stop liking him the next. Sometimes troubling, the "miranda" takes skills such as
1)being awesome
2)being able to laugh at stupid things
3)being attracted to babes only
4)being pretty
Miranda: "I think I like him"
Heather: "He has a boob."
Miranda: "Hes still cute."
Heather: "His boob is cute."

week later-
Heather: "Look its the kid with the boob"
Miranda: "Ew look at it jiggle!"
Heather: "I thought you liked him.."
Miranda: "Yeah I dont know why. ewwww"
by El Bearo October 20, 2007
An awesome girl who thinks she is ugly but everyone else finds her EXTREMLY pretty! She is a loyal friend and will always look out for you! She is super nice, but if you fuck with her, she'll kick your ass!
Jake: I think I love Miranda, she is so pretty and nice!
Nathan: I know, I love her too!
by jakelovesmiranda! March 03, 2011
A girls name
she is beautiful
meaning admirable in latin
usually has many people crushing on her
shop-a-holic like most girls
jake: how is the relationship with you and miranda going

Kevin: great we both are having a great time i love her
by Zeke aka: Dr. lucas May 09, 2009
A beautiful beautiful girl.. She will always want to help you even if it means hurting her. She cares more than anyone else in the world. Amazing, and almost always happy. When sad, she will need some help and someone with good listening skills. She won't pretend to be anything but herself. She is a person you will always want to be around and hope to be with. She is outgoing, she is just.. in smaller words. Perfect.
Ex 1:
Guy 1- I heard your dating Miranda!?
Guy 2- Yeah, I am... She has to be the most amazing girl I've ever met and I'm so extremely lucky to even have a shot with her.

Ex 2:

Girl 1- Did you get to hang out with Miranda yesturday?
Girl 2- Yeah, she so cool and awesome!
by ASdfohasdfdsaoifhsadofasdfsdon January 17, 2012
An Amazing beautiful girl,That will laugh at anything you say! Some times alittle annoying. A girl with such great joy for life,and can put a smile on your face when she cant even make her self smile. A girl that is extremly loved by many,yet hated by alot. A girl that gets people jealous. An amazing person to go to when you need advice. Some one you can trust! But most of all, a GREAT friend.
Go to Miranda , she gives great advice.
by CrystalLOVESmiranda November 24, 2010
The most amazing girl a guy could ever ask for. She has the perfect smile, the most amazing personality, she's fun, energetic, and all around the perfect girlfriend. She's gorgeous, with beautiful eyes, and a SMOKING HOT body. If you ever get so lucky to date a Miranda, you better never let her go because i definatley wont(: -p.g.
Dude i just spent the whole day with Miranda and it was the greatest day of my life.
by pwnza1 July 31, 2011
a talented girl who is pretty and has perfect blue eyes and is really sweet; you should totally date a miranda!
"Hi! My name's Miranda!"
by ddujadnarim January 29, 2010
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