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An amazing, beautiful girl that anyone is extremely lucky to have as a friend, or a girlfriend. Mirandas usually have blonde/strawberry blonde hair and are very smart- especially with science and math. Mirandas are great leaders and are more than willing to help people out. They may seem bubbly and happy most of the time, but they struggle just like everyone else. Therefore, a Miranda will need someone who is a good listener. Mirandas are very stubborn, which is a good thing because they can achieve anything they set their mind to!
Ryan: Dude, I just dumped Miranda because she spends too much time doing homework. Where are her priorities?

Jack: Well, you really missed out, because I'm dating her now and she's one hell of a good catch!

Ryan: *sulks and crosses arms*
by mushroomlover February 20, 2013
This name means admirable in Latin. Miranda's are very eclectic. She can be extremely intelligent, out-going, sweet, talented, out-doorsy, stylish, and gorgeous all at the same time. A Miranda cares deeply for others. She is a thoughtful friend, and supportive in nature. She does have a temper, and is impatient. Also, Miranda's are determined and often called "stubborn". She can fit into many roles in life, but is happiest when helping others. She is a strong leader.
A Miranda will support you as long as you never give up ever.
by punchbets February 03, 2010
noun school girl by day, stripper by night
god, that is so miranda!
by d0uble dee August 14, 2006
A totally hot girls who is the nicest person and is alway a good person to have a laugh with.
girl:wow I love hanging aroud with that girl she a total miranda
by hell to the yeah December 17, 2007
the most amazing, perfect, beautiful girl on the planet
Woah, she's a total Miranda, oh my god, wow.
by Andey Fellowes February 21, 2009
Miranda is the innermost major moon of the planet Uranus. It was discovered by the Dutch-American astronomer Gerard Kuiper in 1948.

The moon is named after a character in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', Miranda was Prospero’s daughter.
Astro-dude 1: "Hey, I just read in Scientific American that some Prof. was looking at Uranus and saw a new moon!"
Astro-dude 2: "Huh huh huh, you said 'anus' huh huh huh."
Astro-dude 1: "Shut up, dumb-ass!"
by Wizards Sleeve June 08, 2005
The best girl in the whole world. any guy who goes out with her is the luckiest man in the world. She is smart, hot, and amazing at everything she does.
Austin: Whoah are you going out with Miranda?
Danny: Yups.
Austin: Can i touch you?
by the luckiest guy in the whole November 15, 2009
The ability to like a boy for one week and stop liking him the next. Sometimes troubling, the "miranda" takes skills such as
1)being awesome
2)being able to laugh at stupid things
3)being attracted to babes only
4)being pretty
Miranda: "I think I like him"
Heather: "He has a boob."
Miranda: "Hes still cute."
Heather: "His boob is cute."

week later-
Heather: "Look its the kid with the boob"
Miranda: "Ew look at it jiggle!"
Heather: "I thought you liked him.."
Miranda: "Yeah I dont know why. ewwww"
by El Bearo October 20, 2007