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A school full of rich white kids and really smart asians. At least 75% of kids smoke weed (though that number has decreased since jon snooks older brother left). The administration is stupid and power hungry and the dances are no longer fun. Miramonte has seen better days but hopefully it will get better.
Guy1: Hey man do you know where i can score some weed?
Guy2: Why don't you just ask those Miramonte kids?
by 420kidd April 27, 2009
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A group of GIRAFFES (or deep throated people) who have a CAKE (or cocaine) addiction who feel ALIVE (really, just means alive) who uses their authority to censor the last words of soon to be alumni of a once well thought of school.

History of this word: In the year 2009, a group of...administrators decided to censor the senior quotes by disallowing words found on this website (please look up the words in CAPS for examples). Truth is that any word, when said in the wrong context, can become a dirty word and this website is proof of just that.
Look at tweaker on the corner there talking to no one, musta been part of a Miramonte at some point in their lives. Sad to see what's become of their lives.
by 2005backlash March 22, 2009
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a high school where the guys where tight pants, asians out-number white people, some of the girls are hot, and the guys water polo team sucks more dick than all the girls combined. Some of the guys are chill, but there are so many gay ones that it doesn't really matter.
Dude, you're almost as gay as some of those Miramonte guys, with their tight jeans and their pink polo shirts.
by cougar09 April 03, 2008
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To keep things simple, anyone with this last name is of the following:
1.Pot Head
2.Love's women
3.Works at/near airports
4.Disrespects celebrities
5.Attends ITT Technical Institute
Furthermore, he has also had Lunch with the one and only Carl Karcher
"Is that really a miramontes?"
"Yea but he's no where near a Julio"
"woah, that miramontes really smokes a lot of weed..."
"Tell me about it man."
by juli0AV April 13, 2010
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