1.A Russian made space station that crashed and burned to Earth a few years back.
2. a nickname for people with the names; Miranda or Miriam
Did you see the Mir fall from heaven?
by Mir July 30, 2004


Used as a term when you are going to pwn someone.

Commonly used by gamers.
I just got a tactical nuke, Im gonna Mir!!
by IrishPirate007 March 24, 2010
Mir is a word for a last line of defence to make sure you end and win that arguement between your best friend or worst enemy. It works 100% of the time 60% of the time.
Josh: Dude you just screwed up on that art procect your gonna get a F now.
Mitch: Nah i added design i'll defineetly get and A.
Josh no trust me your gonna get a F.
Mitch: You know what mir.
The conversation is now over you have left your enemy babbling and trying to find words for a come back.
Mitch: 1
Josh: 0
by Meotch November 06, 2008
Make it rain
Person 1: Mir
Person 2: what ???
Person 1: Make It Rain
Person 1: M.I.R
Person 2: oohhhh
by :):Yooooo.. July 07, 2016
Being tied onto the roof of a car after calling it, similar to shotgun, bitch, Gunner or Sam. Mir is to be used when excessively drunk and in possession of either a lot of Duct Tape or a lot of Rope
"Bruce thought Michael would call shotgun but he ended up calling Mir, we used up all our Duct Tape!"
by Almar Zamasee September 30, 2006
MIR stands for maximum information rate. MIR is the maximal bandwidth to be allocated to ISP client.
MIR - 100Mbps
by endrju May 18, 2004
1. a super cool chick, with a groovy punami
2. Best friends & lovers with Lchap
3. a secret ganga head
4. slut, with a positive connotation of course!
1. daaaamn you so cool and gangster if i didnt kno better ida thought u was a mir
2. girl 1: God im worried about sleeping with my boyfriend girl 2: no worries...call mir
by lizzy gets busy March 04, 2005
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