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True weed smoker slang for the mini cigarillo, (sold by Swisher-sweet), which are some 60% of the size of a regular cigarillo.

Some may question the purpose of an even smaller blunt, but as the quality of marijuana and skill in the blunt rolling craft have advanced over the years, Minirillos have proven their place. True weed smokers have found that a gram of high quality marijuana, when rolled well, can fit into Minirillo. This potent mini-blunt is sufficient for 5-6 people to get very stoned
True weed smoker #1 "Yo dude, here's $1.07, pick up some minirillos while you at the El-cheapo!"

True weed smoker #2 "Actually I'm one step ahead of you, i bought a box of them yesterday my friend"

True weed smoker #1 "Awe shit! lets roll up summa dat purp!!"

True weed smoker #2 "Well I guess I'm two steps ahead of you! hahahhahaha1 "
by thehatchninja August 05, 2010
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