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An israeli who thinks HWzone is a top-class reviewing site by ripping off Toms-hardware and HardOCP.
He felt impotent, like a MiniMizer.
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
A minimizer is a style of bra used to make the bust seem smaller by up to one cup size.
All my friends are B-cups, i wear a minimizer everyday to make my D's look smaller.
by Milly101 June 07, 2006
My wife.
MiniMizer, bend over!
by Dorfl January 17, 2004
A situation where u are saturated with being owned/pwned by another (usually SabrWolf)
Oh man im so owned, i feel like MiniMizer
by S.B.R June 29, 2003
A word that describes the chemical effect cold water has on the penis.
Gee bob this pool water is really cold, i wonder if my penis has become minimized. Please do check.
by TRR June 03, 2003