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A man who because of having a family is forced into getting a minivan. This leads to him driving aggressively and erraticlly because of this theoritical emasculation to his manhood.
I just got cut off by a MiniMan on I-69.
by Mr. Republican August 12, 2011
cool,out going,all ways laughing,ready for any thing
a mini man bru lets cut out and go scrapin
by michael frags August 01, 2008
Miniman's real name is Luke Taylor. He is 17 and only 3 days younger than Crazy Joe however he looks about 4 years younger!
Most notably, Miniman got pulled by the feds for under-age driving, even though he had passed his test! Then he crashed it the day after. Wot a crazy fucker,
You seen Miniman's Corsa Sxi? Man's got an induction kit, but his cars falling apart! HAHAHA
by Crazy Joe November 22, 2004
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