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A young kid, who has the intelligence or acts like an older person.
"That girl rocks! She is a total Minidroogie!"
"That Minidroogie and me share the same interests."
by Leah May 30, 2005
Little friend; use of the prefix "mini" to produce an affectionate diminutive from the Russian word "drug" (transliteration) or "drook" (phonetic transcription), corresponding to the French "Petit Ami" which extends to the definition "boyfriend" and even to the feminine form "girlfriend." Generally meaning "compatriot" or "close associate." Related to the already-cited "Slooshie" derived from Russian "slushitj" from "slykhitj" meaning to hear or listen (depending on aspect: perf/imperf). Extract of dialect evolved from book/movie "A Clockwork Orange."
A dear little ginsy water for me an' me minidroogie!

He's been a minidroogie, ya hasta get his back.
by Ernie Cordell October 15, 2006
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