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False concern that leads to collective confrontation of a group member or friend who has gone astray from the thinking of the rest of the group.
This is usually based on fading youth and the fear of being a lonely childless cougar is mixed with a sense of misdirected responsibilty.

Originally derived when a hottie woman who becomes a mom, chooses to drive a MINIVAN and reflects negatively on the fashion sense of her childless but socially conscious friends.
Did you see what Cheryl is driving? Some one HAS to tell her that unless she chooses an SUV instead of the mini van, she is going to have to choose a whole new set of friends.
Well,at least the baby is cute and in style.
OK, girls, then its agreed. If she is truly worth saving as a friend.
We do a mini-vention!
by bkmdano December 05, 2009
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