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The term used for a cop (usually a mall-cop or rent-a-cop) who patrols in one of those small golf-cart-like vehicles that they usually employ. This could also refer to a security card using the same vehicle. The vehicles are usually quite slow, and cumbersome and often act to incapacitate the already overweight and out-of-shape doughnut huffer or to merely act as an alternative to having to walk on their patrol. The mini po-po is known to prefer dealing with insignificant issues rather then something that might actually make a difference. These include, but are not limited to, shoplifting, loitering, busting skateboarders, jay walking, public intoxication, minor traffic infractions, and possession of marijuana.
Grab your boards, there's a mini po-po around the corner!
by xdementia August 15, 2007
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