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The name of Oprah's Vagina in the recent South Park episode "A million little Fibers"
Mingy - "She hasn't played with me in years, not even a pinky"
by Robert P April 20, 2006
Smaller than normal, stingy, unsatisfying in amount, or cheap. Usually used to describe a serving of drink or food. Dublin, IRL
One ounce of gin in my G&T?! What a mingy portion!
by moots May 29, 2007
When something is bleak, dull or boring and sometimes feel a tad down.
Today is really mingy
I feel really mingy today
by Cookiemonster091 June 26, 2011
Adjective, dirty, sticky, used.
A slight change of color and texture from every day use.
"This plush toy became mingy over the years."
by Punkindle March 11, 2014
The person you love most in the world who gets slightly irritating at the slightest of things
A- I just like to play with babies all day and not do the washing up!
by rtothektothew August 24, 2009
(minn-jee) oversized ankles
Bry: That cow has some major cankles
Penny: no, man even worse she's gotta case of the mingy. Idk how she fits in sneakers
Bry: Too bad! She would be cute in the face if not such a fat bitch
by wdowblkwoman October 25, 2009
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