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Minecraft Withdrawal Syndrome (aka MWS) occurs when a Minecraft player (see Minecrafter) dies in a cave via zombie invasion, spider attack, skeleton sniping, or even creeper terrorism and loses all of his ores/tools/weapons/armor/materials and respawns above ground, forcing him to go back into the maze of a cave system. If said Minecrafter dies a second time, then a third, before finding his items, a feeling of hopelessness comes into the mind. The Minecrafter then withdraws away from the game (something very difficult to do) for 1 hour to two months, depending on the items in the Minecrafter's inventory.
Tom: "Hey Dan, why are you looking so down? Got Minecraft Withdrawal Syndrome?"
Dan: "I just lost my diamond armor in Minecraft."
Tom: "Dude, that's harsh. How long have you been off?"
Dan: "Three years."
by Cosbino April 19, 2013
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