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Morning Wood Syndrome - Waking with an erect penis. Occurs every morning of the world to every male, often at inopportune times, making for awkward situations.
1. "Man, I had to give my oral presentation in class this morning in class, and I was scared to death I was going to have MWS!"

2. "I was being given a tour of the plant, and I'll be damned if MWS didn't hit."

3. "I'm sorry, I can't slow dance with you right now. Why not is something wrong? No, it's just that I have a terrible case of MWS."

4. "Easter Sunday morning at church when the pastor says, 'please stand and sing hymn 416' I have MWS. It never fails."

5. "Every morning I try to go pee, but I can't because of MWS. I have to pull a superman."

6. "MWS wakes me up every morning, and the only medicine is to squeeze one out."

by Billy Jo Thomas April 16, 2008
Short for "Multiple Weapon System". Developed by Miyuki for Shion to use inside the Encephalon against enemies. Later created a model for real-life use while Shion was on the Woglinde. Modified after Shion landed on Second Miltia into a more portable version capable of long-range Ether attacks.
Shock Blade
Lightning Blast
Spell Ray
Lunar Blade
Rain Blade
by Shroudie March 12, 2005
masterbation withdraw sendrome wut happens after extended time of not masterbating. tiplecly starts to really effect u after at least a week
i havent jacked off in a week and now im seeing things and my dick is about to expload
by jackne hoff now April 19, 2004
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