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When you play Minecraft for a long time and start seeing objects in Minecraft mode, i.e. walls being made of blocks.
Person 1: Dude, why is Jerry hitting that wall with a stick?

Person 2: He's been playing Minecraft for 3 days straight. Looks like he has a wicked case of Minecraft Syndrome.
by Axis Dreft December 14, 2012
A condition which causes people to play minecraft or any other shitty pc only games like starcraft non-stop their entire lives.

Symptoms include a significant lack in social interaction with other human beings. Being a dickhead. Talking about minecraft non fucking stop. Very poor clothing choices. Sufferers may also experience the 'i have ankle swingers' symptom.

If your reading this and thinking 'Oh shit thats me!' not to worry start clicking thumbs up on this word then take your computer and chuck it out the window.
Jullian: Have you heard about the new minecraft graphics pack 32 beta v. Its totally awesome!

Ross: I'm sorry to have to tell you this but, i think you might have Minecraft Syndrome.

by Ross McPwn November 07, 2011

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