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A Minecraft Noob is a person who plays Minecraft for the first time. Signs of being a Noob include the following:

-Thinking a 16-bit game is shit
-Not knowing what to do when you first spawn
-Thinking Minecraft Creepers and Ghasts are cute and approaching them
-Finding lava and thinking it's diamonds
-Thinking redstone is ruby
-Spending more than a minute punching stone
-Digging sand or gravel directly above you
-Being distracted by the music playing and not realizing mobs behind you
-Building a house out of dirt, sand, or gravel
-Attempting to pet a wolf
-Entering a cave without torches
-Walking past iron ore and coal

And many more
Perfect example of a Minecraft Noob:

Noob: Hey...what's this? Whats that? What do I do? WOAH. omg. Those green things are so cute!

by Cinnabellex3 February 19, 2012
A Minecraft noob is someone who is new to minecraft, and does not know much about it. Some examples are, but not limited to
-Thinking Redstone is rubies.
-Tries to make coal/lapis tools
-Goes out at night with leather armor and a wooden sword
-Makes a dirt house
-Tries to punch stone
-Gladly trades his diamonds for gold
-Digs straight down/up
Here is an example of a Minecraft Noob:
Rockee3: Yay i found diamonds!
Simba94: Cool. Say, ive got this gold pickaxe.
Rockee3: Ok, I'll trade you my 7 diamonds for your golden pick.
Simba94: Ok, *throws pick*
Rockee3:*throws diamonds*
Simba94 (to himself): Gee, what a noob
by 2k>EA14 August 20, 2013
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