n. An abbreviation of "minute"
The Asian girl said, "C'mon Digitus! We've only 5 minutes for a quick fuck!"
Digitus replied, "I know, I know! Just give me a min."
Digitus finally whipped out his joystick and started doing the Asian girl.
Moments later, the Asian girl exclaimed, "Wow, you did me in like a min.!"
by Digitus August 13, 2005
fat cat
very sexy
come here min, your so beautiful
by alliegracelikescatsalot August 04, 2011

ie, When someone says they're going out for a cigarette, they say they are going out for a min (minute), making cigarettes mins
"I'm going out for a min"

"I'm going to buy a deck of mins"
by ONYX_16 August 03, 2006
Downie, AKA Down syndromed kid who rages like a heukin
You're pulling a min bro

You talk like min

You're doing some min shit right here man

Stop him from being min please
by iseeminrage December 25, 2010
Contraction of the phrase 'I am in'
Congruent response to the question 'Yin?'
- 'Yin?'
- 'Min!'

- Fancy going to the Christmas market for a few drinks?
- Min.
by Frodus Bonobus November 12, 2009
the absolute lowest quality or performance; very disappointing. A person, place, or thing can inherit this undesirable trait.
Min people grow up to be failures.

I failed with a 49.4%... this is so min.

My car just broke down in the middle of nowhere... min.

Overusing the word min is min.
by rolfgrassirlbbq December 11, 2009
A min is a nickname given for the vagina.
I think it's time to shave my min.
by cls123 December 30, 2009
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