the HOTTEST girl at school, beautiful, best body imaginable. kind, caring, and sweet but also SEXY. all the guys wanna fuck her, and all the girls wanna be friends with her. incredible beautiful and voluptous but also incredibly nice and funny personality. luscious blonde hair, smells fruity at all times. every guy wants her. AMAZING FRIEND
ex.1 dude, that girls name HAS to be mimi, shes fucking HOT

ex. 2 i wish mimi liked me, shes so beautiful

ex. 3 mimi is SUCH a good friend even though shes the most popular girl in the school.
by seanellis October 20, 2010
There are many meanings in all different types of languages. It origins from many different places and is often nicknames for many other names. Here are some (MANY) basic meanings.

1. Mimis are fairy-like beings in the folklore of the Indigenous Australians.

They are described as having extremely thin and elongated bodies, so thin as to be in danger of breaking in case of a high wind.

2. Chinese Name: Rice Rice

Rice represents prosperity, health, precious, etc.
Hence the staple food of many countries, thrown during weddings, used as offering to gods, etc.

3. French origin name: Beloved (French variant of Mary.)

4. French name: faithful guard

5. German name: strong opponent

6. Italian name: bitterly wanted child, star of the sea

7. Hebrew name: sea of bitterness, sea of sorrow, uncertain, sweet, rebellion, wished-for child, mistress of the sea, Prophetess to the people mentions in the Bible.

8. Nigerian name: truth

9. Japanese meaning: ears

10. Word French origin: cat, pussycat, baby, honey, cute, kiss

11. Word Spanish origin: sleep

12. Word Native American origin: New moon

13. Word Greek origin: Goddess of Harvest
E,g, Wow, that girl Mimi just wrote the longest list of definitions of her name. What a narcissist!

Hey! I was just curious!
by Treehuggers December 20, 2010
Ears in Japanese.
nekomimi - cat ears
by Zdenek June 08, 2004
A word that is so awesome we decide to use it for sleeping.
Chuck Norris is going mimis.
by Camron =) January 18, 2011
The cutest girl ever, funny and smart, talented and sexy. She can make anyone laugh and has many many friends and has this one person who annoys her.
Mimi is so hot and I like her and I annoy her so much.
by GodzAtHell March 19, 2013
Mimis are super sexy beasts. They are quiet emo loners with no friends, but after you get to know one they actually are really awesome and hyper. Mimis are normally fangirls who are a part of many fandoms, and can be considered a Potterhead, a Tribute, a Jedi, a Demigod, a Whovian, and tons more. Other fandoms are Game of Thrones, James Bond, and Divergent.
Harry Potter is the most important thing to Mimis in the entire world, and are 99.9% of their blood.
Mimis are also obsessed with different types of music. Their favorite bands are normally Nirvana, Beach Boys, Green Day, Silversun Pickups, Jane's Addiction, Awolnation, Of Monsters and Men, Stone Temple Pilots, 30 Seconds to Mars, Passion Pit, Ramones, Linkin Park, Jerry Lee Lewis, Alice in Chains, and whatever plays on LIVE 105.3.
Mimis go to LIVE 105 BFDs every year, and Michael Angelakos normally touch their left hand at BFD 2013. Mimis don't wash it off.
Guy 1: Look at that sexy beast right over there!
Guy 2: Huh? Where?
Guy 1: That sexy beast wearing that giant sweater while reading Divergent and holding a wand, with earbuds on. She might be listening to Nirvana. And crying.
Guy 2: Oh! That looks like a Mimi.
by Daenerys Potter Eaton Stark May 24, 2013
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