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a brew popular among area teens for its low price and brand name qualities. also known as THE BEAST
kid 1: man is your older brother gonna get us some booze for after prom
kid 2: yeah what should we get
kid 1: i dunno, the beast. you have a beer bong?
kid 2: no i but we can make one.
kid 1: for sure. go with the beast.
by edde April 22, 2005
Refers to the nasty brand of beer called Milwaukee's Best Lite.This is one of the worst tasting beers that was ever brewed.Imangine taking a sip from a cup that tastes like someone pissed in it 3 hours before you drank it well that would be the aweful taste of "The Beast".Word of advice when drinking beer go for a lager not a piss colored or tasting frost brewed peice of crap.
Man#1:Wanna cold one?
Man#2:Yea sure.
Man#1: You Want Yungling or "The Beast"?
Man#2:Yungling bro "The Beast" tastes like Im swishing around piss in my mouth.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ March 12, 2005
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