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A fictional drink consisting of milk and a psychoactive drug. From the book and movie "A Clockwork Orange".

Three drinks were available:
Miloko plus Vellocet
Miloko plus Synthemesc
Miloko plus Drencrom
Today's energy drinks are analogous to the drinks known as Miloko in the the movie "A Clockwork Orange".
by Bob H Boberson May 07, 2009
a mix of milk and strong drugs, there are
three know types of miloko, 1. milk and meth 2. milk and heroin 3. milk and adrenocrome. The idea started from the cult classic film A Clockwork Orange...

also called miloko plus
im gunna stop off at the korrova for a nice cold glass of miloko plus, this will sharpen me up for a bit of the ultra violence.
by aDX April 05, 2005
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