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A character from Trigun that is a lot smarter than most people give her credit for. She is also very hot.
Milly Thompson once punched Vash the Stampede in the face
by bob882 July 06, 2004
One of Trigun's main characters. She is this partner to Meryl Strife, both working for the Bernardelli Insurance Society.
Anyway, she is this tall, bubbleheaded chick, not to mention that she is cute. ^-^
"Boy it's hot!"
-Milly when she's drunk in one episode, and though we don't see it, she is taking her clothes off.....and Kuroneko-Sama is just sittin on a pole as the whole affair is happening
by Dave June 06, 2004
Main character of the anime Trigun. Sent by the Bernardelli Insurance Society to investigate Vash the Stampede. Partner of Meryl Stryfe. Air-headed, but funny. :)
"Milly is a bit light-headed, don't you think?"
by Blargh April 23, 2003
A woman who is tall in stature and small in brain power. Also, usually likes pudding and is attracted to darkhaired men who are ruggedly handsome.

From the Japanese Anime television show Trigun, which featured a woman of this description with the same name.
"Wow, I saw this woman in the grocery store today who was a complete Milly Thompson. She was even buying pudding!"
by silverarm January 17, 2004
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