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Nickname for Vash the Stampede, protagonist of the Japanese Anime television show Trigun.
"Upon hearing the rumor that Vash the Stampede was due to appear in town, the entire population evacuated within an hour."
by silverarm January 16, 2004
Full name: Nicholas D. Wolfwood.
From the Japanese Anime television series, Trigun: a darkhaired, attractive priest with a talent for sharpshooting. Not your typical man of the cloth. Befriends the outlaw protagonist Vash the Stampede.

Also a romantic interest of Milly Thompson.
Wolfwood is the best supporting character of any anime I have watched so far.
by silverarm January 17, 2004
In the Japanese anime television series Trigun, a villain with psychic and telekinetic powers. In appearance, he has blue hair, yellow/amber eyes, and wears a white coat that is decorated with spikes and a human skull. Legato is a complete and utter sadist who obeys the orders of his master, Millions Knives, with absolute devotion. His purpose in life is to make Vash the Stampede, the show's protagonist, experience the true pain of life.
"Despite his sadistic and malicious tendencies, there are a lot of fangirls who are in love with Legato Bluesummers."
by silverarm January 16, 2004
Small, darkhaired woman in a constant state of P.M.S. Is in denial of her love for a goofy, blonde-haired outlaw by the name of Vash the Stampede. Employed by the Bernardelli Insurance Agency, works with Milly Thompson.

From the Japanese Anime television series Trigun.
"To make Meryl happy, Vash should bring her some chocolate and Midol."
by silverarm January 17, 2004
A woman who is tall in stature and small in brain power. Also, usually likes pudding and is attracted to darkhaired men who are ruggedly handsome.

From the Japanese Anime television show Trigun, which featured a woman of this description with the same name.
"Wow, I saw this woman in the grocery store today who was a complete Milly Thompson. She was even buying pudding!"
by silverarm January 17, 2004
One of the six different flavors of quark, an elementary particle of interest to physicists.

Also, a unique insult for one who is obsessed with physics.
"Laboratory physicists discovered the existance of the strange quark."

"Can you believe that strange quark? She spent the entire weekend in the lab crashing electrons into one another. She needs to get a life!"
by silverarm January 17, 2004
Alternate spelling of Milly Thompson.
"I wish people would decide once and for all whether her name is Millie or Milly Thompson.
by silverarm January 17, 2004
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