The Millwall brick was discovered when police began to wonder why so many Millwall supporters were carrying copies of the broadsheet Times Newspaper.

Correctly folded it could be converted into a weapon that could punch a hole in a dry lining plasterboard wall.
I got my skull fractured by a Millwall Brick.
by Festa May 06, 2006
Top Definition
Originally created by MillWall fans a "Millwall Brick" is a newspaper rolled up lengthways and then folded in the middle creating a solid square end. Held correctly can be as damaging as a brick. Another use for this is taping the end and attaching a piece of string to the end and the swinging it around, this can cause a great amount of damage as it is very light but as hard as a brick.
"i'll smash him up with a millwall brick"
by Bobby103 September 18, 2006
This will be used by a VERY GOOD friend of mine if you treat me like shite! so watch out!
Watch out, Mr G's coming down the road and he's gonna lob the millwall brick at you which'll smash your face in! Mwhahaha!
by Eggbina November 11, 2004
Discovered by fans of the London football team millwall fc , the millwall brick is a club like improvised weapon made of a newspaper that has been rolled lengthways and folded in the middle. It is light and can be as hard as a brick - especially damaging when attached to a length of rope and swung around the head as it is also very light.
Man got smashed up with a millwall brick ay.
by Agu Bakr June 15, 2016
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