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A small, redneck town in the middle of nowhere, Alabama. It is home to a handful of intelligents surrounded by dumbasses. There is one red light that is pointless because it's always green. There is nothing to do in this piece of crap place.
You're from Millport? You must be a stupid redneck.
by Hatablocka007 March 14, 2009
1. An Island in Scotland. Last Ferry at half 8, this is what outsiders think to be keeping them inside the island after that. Insiders seem to think its to keep people out...oooook!

2. Someone who has learning dificuiltys. Not quite right in the head or has mental problems
1. Lets all go to Millport, we better get back by half 8 or we will be locked in with the islanders.

2. Hes a Millport
by Person8377 July 12, 2006
Someone who has learning difficultys or is a bit of a spaz.
Check out that millport.
by Jason Jones43 January 13, 2006

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