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A character in the anime Trigun. He is the twin brother of Vash the Stampede and is considered a genocidal maniac (though, I don't really think so). He is intelligent, caring (to his own kind) and the hottest bishounen I ever laid eyes on (especially in the manga)! He has pale blonde hair cut into a crewcut, piercing ice blue eyes and, in the manga, has a mole underneath his right eye. He carries a black AGL Arms .45 Long Colt. He hates humans with a passion and is responsible for the "Great Fall". He is Legato's boss and demands the utmost respect from him. His arms, just like Vash's right arm, can transform into Angel Arms.
Millions Knives couldn't believe that Vash had canceled out his Angel Arm.
by Elizabeth Reyes January 14, 2004
one fine stud muffin ^O^
one sexy,powerful mother fucker!!!
by Spark February 14, 2004
the brother of vash the stampede, hater of humans, and character in the anime trigun. he is legato bluesummers's boss. and hes one fine piece of booty lol ^_*
to save all the butterflies you must kill all the spiders.
by dom (the cyclops!) January 04, 2004
Brother of Vash the Stampede, "boss" of Legato Bluesummers. Hates human beings with a passion.
"Knives is a disturbing man."
by Blargh April 23, 2003
The wonderful genocidal maniac who fits right in his own catagory right next to Johnny The homicidal maniac. i would love to skipping down the lane with one on each arm...
Vash: Knives! You're not even human!
Knives: Damn straight I'm not and don't you ever compare me to those worthless things!
by Reba December 07, 2003
knives is my role model
well ya
by Bin Shady September 12, 2003
Any being carrying a military haircut, black Long Colt and a grudge against humanity.
Millions Knives is the scourge of humanity, responsible for the Great Fall, Vash's loss of a left arm, and the two Angel Arms(weapons of mass destrution)
by Lee August 08, 2003
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