Female variety of Spide (Northern Ireland) or Chav (Mainland UK). Millies were first established in the 1960s when then worked in the Mills. Financially challenged and burdened with 10 kids by the age of 19, the chain smoking, gum-smacking hoorbags reproduced at astounding rates with their spide counterparts to form the population of council estates. They then spilled out into the wider suburbs of Belfast, infiltrating every park and street corner in Glengormley, Carrickfergus, Bangor and Antrim. The collective noun is Wall, ie A Wall of Millies - demonstrated by their linking of arms in a chain with a minimum of 10 Millies (aka Millbags).
Your Ma's a millie

That slag that wears 1000 gold necklaces, is pregnant and smokes fegs...is a Millie
by Lyndsey October 27, 2004
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1. Extremely sensual; sexually appealing and exciting; can get any guy she wants; flirty; knows how to have fun
2. Fascinating to watch, with an incredible ability to lure people in with her eyes
3. Can get emotionally hurt easily and is sensitive to criticism, but at the same time she is very strong inside
4. One of the beautiful people you will meet; beautiful face and hot body however she is very insecure; beautiful smile; makes a lot of girls jealous
5. The best friend ever; very loyal; once she loves you, she will do anything for you no matter what happens; will stick by you through anything and do whatever it takes to cheer you up or help you out
6. Best girlfriend ever; will do anything, sexually or emotionally, for her boyfriend; would never cheat and is very loyal
7. Complicated and mysterious; nobody will ever quite understand how she thinks but everybody wants to try
8. The strongest, hottest, sweetest, cutest, toughest, most caring, warm, kind and loyal person you will ever meet. Makes everybody around her happy and feel special. Worth holding on to!
Person 1: I can't believe you've managed to get a Millie in your life!
Person 2: I know, I'm so lucky

Person 1: Letting go of Millie was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, I just can't find anybody who can replace her
Person 2: You're not the same without her
by bananaman123 October 10, 2011
A millie is someone who is worth a million dollars.
Lil' Wayne is a Millie. Young Money Millionaire.
by C Dub-Ya April 01, 2008
a beautiful sexy girl. normally athletic with a great body, also a really good kisser. often used to replace the word awesome.
"this band is so millie!!!!!"
by white and nerdy!!!!!!!!!! March 22, 2009
1. noun.
an amazing and reliable friend
"she let me borrow her car for the night,"
"no way, dude, she's a total millie!"
by banan11 May 10, 2009
A female who can make a man "whipped".
Knows how to get what she wants from the oppsite sex. She is not dumb when it comes to men and knows how to hold her own. When being a millie correctly, a girl can have many men eatting out of the palm of her hand.
by Niki2323 December 21, 2006
1.Millie meaning a Million Dollars
2.Millie is A God
3.Millie is Coolest person alive
by Millie223 January 07, 2011
A really cool ans nice person. She is friendly and always there to help!
Me: I'm sad...

Millie: *hug*

Me: *is happy*
by generic person March 27, 2005

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