Millie has being around for year since the 1960's and has now become more popular than ever. Millie means friendship, love and compassion.
Hey look at Millie over there, she is hot!
by Mill March 13, 2005
Female variety of Spide (Northern Ireland) or Chav (Mainland UK). Millies were first established in the 1960s when then worked in the Mills. Financially challenged and burdened with 10 kids by the age of 19, the chain smoking, gum-smacking hoorbags reproduced at astounding rates with their spide counterparts to form the population of council estates. They then spilled out into the wider suburbs of Belfast, infiltrating every park and street corner in Glengormley, Carrickfergus, Bangor and Antrim. The collective noun is Wall, ie A Wall of Millies - demonstrated by their linking of arms in a chain with a minimum of 10 Millies (aka Millbags).
Your Ma's a millie

That slag that wears 1000 gold necklaces, is pregnant and smokes a Millie
by Lyndsey October 27, 2004
A Fun,Loving,Awesome,cute,Smexy,Totally random,loves to smile,Loved by everyone,Neat,Nice,The QUEEN!,Joyful and Lazy (:
Millie Is the Coolest Friend You'll Ever Meet Trust Me!

- Katie Nguyen <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo
That MILLIE is so HOTTT!!!
by Katie Nguyen August 18, 2011
A hot babe who gets stressed out easily. Her smile makes men go crazy but her complaining can occasionally get out of hand. She is a fun loving teen who knows how to have fun but medical problems usually get in the way.
That girl is so gorgeous, her name must be Millie.

Millie: "I have a stomach ache"
Millie is frickin amazing.
by donutluver April 13, 2012
A girl who can get anyone she wants. Even women. However, she knows this and will use this to destroy hearts and smash balls.
A woman has been flirting with a man all night.

Man: So do you want to head back to my place?
Millie: Yes, wait no, lets just be friends
Man:(Balls ruined) Thanks
by Bobbobobobobobob May 01, 2010
A Millie is a fabulous friend, also a friend for life. She can often be found clutching a mug of hot chocolate and her phone, usually in front of a mirror. Although she is the founder of the bum smell she has rubbish spelling and therefore speaks mostly in emoji. Warning! If you pound her muffin, you will experience the wrath of this wild female...
"That girls such a Millie - better not pound her muffins..."💁
by inciting_incident January 27, 2015
a cocksucker ugly moo moo
oh yeah that millie she sucked dans cock but shes a ugly moo moo
by moomoocowcoww September 05, 2016
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