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EDI Rail built the Millennium Train for use in the Sydney rail network. Sydney was promised something special and special it was.

If the people of Sydney in 1988 thought the Tangara was the ultimate in train technology they were in for a pleasant surprise when the Millennium Train arrived. It had all the bells and whistles.

Unfortunately the people running the show, and directly one MP Michael Costa who was the transport minister of the day, they all got cold feet after a few major delays. Like the Tangara in 1988, in 2003 and beyond this was a very complex train that required expert gentle hands.

With thousands of staff to be trained it was a tall order to expect every member of staff would have it down perfect from day one. Yet at the time the minister was told. We will make it work.

With no improvements the minister said, dumb this train down.

A question that demands an honest answer is.
Why did EDI not painted Mr Costas picture on the front of the train?

Back to the serious business. EDI must have made it clear that dummying down is stepping backwards. Not to be seen as getting it wrong MP Costa showed them about stepping backwards. He cancelled the contract.

MP Costa had all Millennium trains moved to a less critical south lines where delays dont make the daily news papers.

If the Millennium Train was a bit of an embarrassment, more is just around the corner.

In a few years, coming to a station near you, a new project called the PPP train.
Public, Private Partnership. Dont wait up as like the previous trains, the people in power refuse to acknowledge they could have it wrong.

Sounds like a familiar tune that they are playing.
How can you turn a modern train, such as the Millennium Train into a joke.

Ask the NSW transport minister.
by Railways January 11, 2008

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