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is any cash or payment given to a female for showing her boobs.
karly probably gets a lot a milk money for showing her boobs all the time.
by soulless joe solis 555 December 18, 2010
The act of producing spin-offs, sequels, and prequels to already successful titles and franchises for the sole purpose of profiting off of their previous success.

See. "Milking it for what it's worth."
1. Milk Money-
"We've made five sequels so far, what can we do different this time??"

"How about a PREQUEL!?"


2. Milk Money-
Terminator television series, Star Wars television series, Sims 3, Saw 2 and up, Resident Evil 3, Die Hard 4, Rocky 4, Rambo 2008, etc...
by Sweettooth187 May 15, 2009
AKA "Lunch money"

Etymology: Originally, "milk money" was money given to (Canadian?) children in the 1970s-1990s for their optional daily public school lunchtime purchases of small, chilled 250mL cartons of homogenized milk in squared, waxed paper containers.

Milk money is connected to bullying because bullies profited from its extortion.
"Give me your milk money or I'll give you a face wash!
by K'an March 09, 2014
Respect, dignity, credibility, etc. Commonly used in the phrase "I took your milk money". By taking someone's milk money you are bringing shame to them.
Its over! I just won 26-3. I took yo milk money, bitch.
by Jesse N. G March 30, 2008
When a large amount of smoke push out of the mouth and inhaled quickly; a big hit; a big hit on a smoke trick.

Damn, that nigga got Milk Money on that hit!
by O,D, August 29, 2007
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