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The eye sore of the world.. I really dont know whose worse, her or Justin Beiber, if they were to get married there would be mass genocide.
OMG NO!! MILEY CIRUS AND JB GOT MARRIED!!....... (2 minutes later population of Earth greatly drop to 2.. but it was for a good cause)
by Jenava2311 June 13, 2011
The person behind the "Hannah Montana"-mask.
Has several nude pictures on the internet, lots of young fans, and some old stalkers.
A world wide hit indeed, go miley!
Person 1: "Dude I found those pics of Miley Cirus last night!"
Person 2: "Omfg sauce, could you upload em when we get home?"


younGgiRl-14: "I LOVE MILEY CIRUS <3333"
by raepizt May 04, 2009
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