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Worships Piff and Tony a popular milbeg band
One of there lines includes:
"Goes til sent Louise's has a big orange bake"

bout ye mate:how are you good fello
Fack' aff ye dirty peeler: Please get away from me police man.
Reet i'm away on la beak:i'm going to skip school

Milly 1:Ohh mummy your bake is tha pure sex!
Milly 2: awk fack' away aff your la stunner around here leek!

Milly 1: Ooh muh My boi is seein lat wee shit carly
Milly 2: reet were is she i'll do her windes' in
Milly 3: i'll do er' knees in sure
Milly 1: No don't my mea will take a full rager leek!

Milly 1: Shes a pure milbeg leek!
Normal person: so are you...
by Louisee November 30, 2007
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