Home of the best salami in the world.
I want reconstituted pig, better get Milano salamo
by Jimbob March 18, 2005
Originating from a rouge Milano cookie, the exclamation "Milanos!" is used to express surprise over the uncalled for invasion of one's private crotch space with the hand or other body part.
Joe called Milanos on Jeff when Jeff accidentally put his hand on Joe's thigh
by Milano-man September 22, 2008
a milano cookie: a hard to please woman
damn that milano wont go to movies even after the box of chocolates and flowers and a brand new spankin' stolen shiny lambourghini
by Ash Crimson September 27, 2006
(verb) - milano, milanoing, milanoed,

Originating from Syracuse, the act of aborting a fetus well after the seventh month.
My girl Shaniqua milanoed her baby last week.
by hot sizzle May 10, 2005
The act of a male or female rubbing his or her face violently in a dancer's clevage.
Dude a got the 3rd best "Milano" of my life last week!
by Robert May 18, 2003
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