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last name of alyssa milano the girl from charmed
alyssa milano is a sexy hot bitch
by dada April 05, 2004
Home of the best salami in the world.
I want reconstituted pig, better get Milano salamo
by Jimbob March 18, 2005
a milano cookie: a hard to please woman
damn that milano wont go to movies even after the box of chocolates and flowers and a brand new spankin' stolen shiny lambourghini
by Ash Crimson September 27, 2006
(verb) - milano, milanoing, milanoed,

Originating from Syracuse, the act of aborting a fetus well after the seventh month.
My girl Shaniqua milanoed her baby last week.
by hot sizzle May 10, 2005
The act of a male or female rubbing his or her face violently in a dancer's clevage.
Dude a got the 3rd best "Milano" of my life last week!
by Robert May 18, 2003