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Mikhail Tal was a famous chess player known for his tactical ability and sacrifices. In 1960, he won the world championship against Mikhail Botvinnik. Botvinnik won the world champion title back one year later, but Tal had to take time away from chess because of health problems. Tal was a heavy smoker and drinker, and he died on June 27, 1992 of kidney failure. He is arguably the best chess player of all time.
Mikhail Tal won the world championship in 1960, lost it in 1961, and died in 1992. He was probably the best player tactically.
by BasicLvrCH8r February 15, 2008
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The Risk and Sacrifice God in the ancient Chessland.
...Then Mikhail Tal got angry,
the sky thundered and waters got gray...
by mikhailtal May 29, 2012
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