The Bassist from the awesome band My Chemical Romance. Brother of Gerard Way, the singer of My Chemical Romance.
Use your inhaler and pull a Mikey Way.
by Lauren February 19, 2005
Mikey Way is the bassist of My Chemical Romance. He's also the singer Gerard Way's little brother. He's married to Alicia Simmons. He is the cutest nerd ever, a hot one. He loves unicorns. He has the most beautiful smile ever, his smile lightens up a room. He has awkward knees. He is just beautiful and amazing, lovely, gorgeous, wonderful, pretty. Words can not describe him.

He is kinky in bed.
Mikey Way
by OHHAIsassy March 19, 2011
Mikey Way is the best bass player eva.
He is hot.
He like unicorns.
He does not have asthma.
He is brothers with equally hot Gerard Way.
Lady Gaga: You cannot see my ppppppoker face"

Me: Pffff! Mikey Way is better than you at poker faces wench
by Dr. Death Defying May 25, 2015
Bassist of My Chemical Romance.

Sex on legs.

Nice ass to.
Mikey Way is the best bassist ever!
by Halfbloodkilljoy September 29, 2011
The awesome Bassist for My Chemical Romance. He is the younger brother of Gerard Way, who is the frontman of MCR, and he is married to a beautiful woman named Alicia Simmons. He has awesome hair. Just like his brudder. His real name is Micheal James Way.
Mikey Way: WHY YOU SO HOT?
by KaliLinneh August 02, 2011
His real name is Michael James Way, born 1980-09-10, but is known as Mikey Way.
Mikey is the bass player for the awesome band, My Chemical Romance, or for short, MCR.
He's also the younger brother of lead singer of MCR, Gerard Arthur Way, by three years, whom he share a very close relationship with.
Mikey has asthma and is short-sighted, but his glasses are hot and only makes him look cuter. I want his glasses, but then again, I'm not that short-sighted.
The song 'Helena' by MCR is about Mikey and Gerard's grandmother who was their biggest supporter, and who has passed away.
"I could eat my body weight in sushi." - Mikey Way.
by Farna December 06, 2005
Mikey Way is the bassist of my chemical romance and the OLDER brother of Gerard Way.
"There's less violence in the world when people are using hula-hoops"-Mikey Way
by alicey October 08, 2005
the highly untalented bassist of the band My Chemical Romance.
Your playing is that of Mikey Way, now get out of the band!
by 42=42 June 19, 2005
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