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A word you use to describe when you want to go talk to a girl but eventually you bitch out and she leaves.
Me "ohh shit that girl looks sexy as fuck, i should go talk to her"....5 minutes later and i haven't said anything.....5 more minutes later she leaves....."i miked up!"
by The Miked Up Guy October 12, 2011
A story which is based in truth, but the vital points of the story are sugarcoated over to lead to ultimate doubts and a final understanding of utter disbelief.
"Oh my god Jumbo! Did you hear about the fucking news that Mike just told me?"

"No, but I'm sure it's a fucking Miked Up story"
by Matt the Boss July 10, 2008
1. An act of repeated hitting or striking.
2. A sound defeat.
3. To cause physical damage or pain to; injure.
4. To cause mental or emotional suffering to; distress.
5. To cause physical damage to; harm: The frost Mike'd up the orange crop.
6. To be detrimental to; hinder or impair: The scandal Mike'd Up the candidate's chances for victory.
"Damn, that bitch got Mike'd Up!"
by MikedUp November 02, 2013