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Mike Litoris is a California homeowner who was interviewed about a fire in his neighborhood. Jury’s still out on whether Mike punked the reporter, or if that’s really his name. Either way, we just found the best prank call name EVER. Hugh Jass, you’ve just been replaced.
"Yeah, I'll buy from you guys. Could I get transferred to my friend who works there? Yeah, his name's "Mike," last name "Litoris."

"Hey, where's Mike Litoris?"
by Gran Torino December 19, 2009
another way to say my clitoris for girls.....

can be used in a fun way or serious by girls that dont feel like using the word clitoris in public,
thus saying.......mike........litoris :)
Girl 1: (walking)....ouch
Girl 2: whats wrong?
Girl 1: mike litoris is sore from getting banged so much last nite...
Girl 2: well thats what happens when you get banged a lot by multiple guys...Mike Litoris is just fine.
by james979 March 02, 2009
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